Design, Motion & Photography

They say, “you eat with your eyes”… And never has this been more true than with social media.

Content with visuals outperforms plain text exponentially, so we always put heavy emphasis on our clients visual content strategy.

A picture paints a thousands words

To create exceptionally visual social media we have a dedicated in house design team. They specialise in video, graphic and motion design, and understand the intricacies of social media visuals. To complement our design work we¬†have a skilled photographer and product photography light booth where we’re able to studio quality photography.

Our design and photography services are focused solely on social media content, so for any work outside this area we’ll always refer to our external agency partners.

From the onset Brilliant Social Media completely grasped what Fun Foods 4 All are about. They manage our entire social presence consistently and on brand, and have helped to develop our on-line presence and brand awareness. We're very pleased with the service they delivered.

Paul Dudley - Fun Foods 4 All